Why You Should Do The Financials

  • Take ownership of your financial projections.
  • Be confident that your business model is viable.
  • Stand out from the crowd

Why do Projections?

Why You Should Register On This Site

  • Produce professional-standard financial projections
  • Design a successful business model
  • Confidently "talk finance" to advisers, leaders and potential investors

Why this site?

Introducing the Apps

Our financial modelling apps are so easy to use that the brief videos below provide all you need to know

Design the best-possible business model.

Financial Canvas

Transform your business data into inputs for FaBLinker apps.

FaBLinker 5

Project the results and valuations of your business over 5 years.

FaBLinker D

Build and explore detailed month-by-month projections.




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Our Team

Jack Foley

An economist and trainer specialising in financial modelling for new ventures. He is a widely respected professional adviser in business planning and financial projections.

Damian O'Neill

Chartered Accountant and proprietor of a multi-disciplined training organization. He is an expert in designing, developing and implementing training programes.

Thomas Cooney

Professor and internationally respected academic in the field of Entrepreneurship.He is an accomplished adviser and speaker on entrepreneurship and issues facing the SME sector.